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We run a small engineer’s office and we are working on improving fabrication technologies mainly but not exclusively in the field of plastics processing. In general we are focussed on:



Our patented Membrane Die Technology (MDT) can be used in slit dies and in feedblocks to produce sheets or cast films. Our patented Tilting Die Technology (TDT) and the patented Flex Ring Technology (FRT) can be used to produce pipes, profiles, cables, foamed films and foamed sheets, blown films and blow moulded parts. Severe improvements of the thickness distribution of blow moulded parts and a significant reduction of the production costs can be reached when using the GWDS-Technology (GWDS), which is a surprisingly easy solution to realise a dynamic radial wall thickness programming. It facilitates the complete blow moulding process by for instance avoiding the entire investment in a conventional PWDS-System which was state of the art before the GWDS-Technology came up.


Compared to the 30 year old PWDS system our new FRT technology and especially the new GWDS is much more versatile. For example conventional PWDS systems require high-force servo-hydraulic cylinders. They also can only have a limited number of deformation points particularly with smaller die diameters. The GWDS comes along with a conventional solid die and a solid mandrel and nevertheless a better thickness distribution can be achieved than it is possible with the conventional PWDS-system. This is valid especially for blow moulded parts which afford a very severe difference in the wall thickness over circumference of the parison. 


With Flex Ring Dies (FRD) it is possible to dynamically program the radial wall thickness for diameters even down to 6 mm  (see video).


Although nearly every existing head can be retrofitted with a Flex Ring Die the return on investment is extremely short when retrofitting multi-cavity-heads due to the high output rates.


Using Flex Ring Cores (FRC) the static profiling of the core can be done much quicker and more precisely. Our latest development facilitates the centring of annular dies. Using our Tilting Die Technology (TDT) dies can not only be mounted much quicker but also centred more sensitively and thus much more precisely. For more detailed information on the whole range of our developments please open publications or use the flags to perhaps find publications even in your language.  


Most of our developed technologies are patented. We offer our techniques world wide by licensees (see licensees) or by our new subsidiary Gross Meßtechnik. Fore some technologies we grant non exclusive licenses. So if somebody is interested to use our new techniques it might be possible to get a license. If you are interested in more detailed information please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail (see button e-mail) or give us a call. We hope our information is of help for you. Enjoy our homepage and thanks for visiting it.


The more experts say: “that is impossible!” the more we are interested to testify that it will be possible!


Heinz Gross